pointless walking
Passed by the cutest ice cream shop

cheap projectors - jumbles of morphing images

is time a healer?

even the most intense fires burn out.

the anticipation of future events to come.

for you, with your carefully crafted bullshit,

a lingering glance,

weave young girls with young hearts onto your web.

for you - time will kill.


don’t be afraid to let yourself deconstruct

cave in, break down, collapse

peel away years of youth, of loss

why are you so sure,

something magnificent won’t rise out of broody ashes

we’ve sat in enough benches in the dark

playgrounds, ravines, abandoned buildings,

dredging up old memories, laughing with tension,

years later but still making plans

that are never executed

you are amethyst shards,

pristine, immaculate, glistening,

and i can’t stop running against my flesh.

you pump energy into a hallow vessel with closed eyelids.

who are you picturing now?

do you taste the salt on my lips?

is it tears or drops of beachy waves,

or metallic and ashy as remnants of a crumbling building